Cyborgs, Human Augmentation, Cybernetics, and JIZAI Body
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Cyborgs, Human Augmentation, Cybernetics, and JIZAI Body




We propose a concept called “JIZAI Body” that allows each person to live the way they wish to live in society. One who acquires a JIZAI Body can (simultaneously) control (or delegate control) of their natural body and extensions of it, both in physical and cyberspace. We begin by describing the JIZAI Body and the associated JIZAI state in more detail. We then provide a review of the literature, focusing on human augmentation and cybernetics, robotics and virtual reality, neuro and cognitive sciences, and the humanities; fields which are necessary for the conception, design, and understanding of the JIZAI Body. We then illustrate the five key aspects of a JIZAI Body through existing works. Finally, we present a series of example scenarios to suggest what a JIZAI society may look like. Overall, we present the JIZAI Body as a preferred state to aspire towards when developing and designing augmented humans.


Honorable Mention

Inami ERATO, U-Tokyo Inamilab